Thursday, October 15, 2009

Troop 235 and The Big Read

Check out photos of Girl Scouts of America Troop 235's Jeffers poetry project at the Ethnobotanical Garden at the Southwest Museum of the American Indian here!

Troop 235 member Elisa Montag's reflection on the project:

In late August, I met with two Occidental College Librarians and discussed the BIG READ program dedicated to Robinson Jeffers. We decided we would work with the Southwest Museum and help them with their big event: the unveiling of a sculpture commemorating Native Americans in the museum's courtyard. On September 20, an Occidental English Professor came and talked with San Marino Girl Scout Troop 235 about Robinson Jeffers's poetry. Later, we met with a graphic designer, Kay Brown, and discussed how to incorporate Jeffers's poetry with the unveiling ceremony. We decided we would put up signs with excerpts from Jeffers's poems. Then on October 4, with the help of our graphic designer, we completed and installed all the signs. At the unveiling ceremony on October 10, we did a choral reading of Jeffers's poem, "The Beauty Of Things." Finally, we went to the garden and presented our signs to the guests.

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